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English Subtitles for Korean Dramas

Thank you all for joining us in our adventure over the last decade.  We are sorry to say that WITHS2 is no longer actively translating new drama subtitles.

With the advent of streaming and fast community subbing alternatives, WITHS2’s meticulous process just could not keep up.  Our painstaking efforts to get just the right language to convey the right feel and just the right line lengths and timing ended up taking too long.   Alternative subtitles were available within days and ours usually took at least a week.  Understandably, fewer and fewer fans were willing to wait through our process for our subs when others were so quickly and readily available.  And, with the dwindling rate of visitors and downloads, fewer and fewer subbers were motivated to put in their valuable time.

So, while we may surprise you once in a while, you will not find subtitles to currently airing dramas here.  However, please enjoy our archive of English subtitles for Korean Dramas below.   (It may take us a little time to get everything uploaded, so please bear with us.  Not all versions are available)

Thank you again for all your support during our time.  It was an amazing experience.



101st Proposal
3 Brothers
3 Dads, 1 Mom
49 Days
9 End 2 Outs
90 Days Time for Love
1000 Days’ Promise
A Gentleman’s Dignity
Advertising Genius, Lee Tae Baek
Air City
Alone in Love
Arang and the Magistrate
Athena, Goddess of War
Auction House
Baby-faced Beauty
Bad Couple
Bad Family
Bad Guy
Bad Love
Baker King, Kim Tak Gu
Beethoven Virus
Before and After Plastic Surgery
Birth of the Rich
Boys Before Flowers (Boys Over Flowers)
Cain and Abel
Can’t Lose
Capital Scandal
Chuno (The Slave Hunters)
Cinderella’s Sister
City Hunter
Cloud Stairway
Coffee Prince
Color of Woman
Come Back, Soon Ae
Conspiracy in the Court
Count of Myeongdong
Creating Destiny
Crime Squad
Dalja’s Spring
Der Yalu Fliesst
Dong Yi
Dr. Champ
East of Eden
Eight Days, the Mystery of Jeong-Jo’s Assassination
Empress Chunchu
Evasive Inquiry Agency
Exhibition of Fireworks
Eyes of Dawn
Fantasy Couple
Fashion King
Fermented Family
Final Match
Flames of Ambition
Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe Young
Friend, Our Legend
Fugitive, Plan B
Gaksital (The Bride Mask)
Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung
Girl K
Glory Jane (Man of Honor)
Golden Bride
Goodbye Solos
Goong (Princess Hours)
Goong S
Great Inheritance 
Gumiho, Tale of the Fox’s Child
Gye Baek
Gyeongsuk, Gyeongsuk’s Father
Haeundae Lovers
Happiness (I Am Happy)
Harvest Villa
He Who Can’t Marry
Heaven’s Tree
Hello Miss
Huh Joon, The Legendary Doctor of Jeoson
High Kick Through the Roof
Hometown Legends 2008
Hometown Legends 2009
Hong Gil Dong
Hwang Jin Yi
I Love You
Im Kkeok Jeong
In Soon is Pretty
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl
Jeon Woo Chi
Job Well Done
Joseon X Files
Jungle Fish 2
King Geunchogo
King Gwanggaeto
Kingdom of the Wind
La Dolce Vita
Last Scandal
Lee Soon Shin is the Best
Legend (Tales, The Four Gods)
Lie to Me
Life is Beautiful
Listen 2 My Heart
Looking for Dorothy
Love and Marriage (Love Match)
Love Rain
Loving You 1000 Times
Mackerel Run
Marry Me, Mary
Merchant Kim Man Deok
Miss Ripley
More Charming by the Day
Mr. Goodbye
My Country Calls
My Daughter, Seo Young
My Fair Lady
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
My Happy Home
My Princess
My Sweet Seoul
Myung Wol, the Spy
Nice Guy (The Innocent Man)
Noriko Goes to Seoul
Oh My Lady
Oh La La Couple
One Fine Day
Operation Proposal
Over the Rainbow
Personal Taste
Powerful Opponents
Project Runway Season 1
Project Runway Season 2
Prosecutor Princess
Queen Inhyun’s Man
Queen of the Game
Queen Seon Duk
Road No. 1
Rock Rock Rock
Romance Town
Rooftop Prince
Royal Family
Rude Women (Outrageous Women)
Running Gu
Sangdo, Merchants of Joseon
Scent of a Woman
Secret Garden
Shin Don
Shut up, Flower Boy Band
Smile Again
Smile Dong Hae
Snow Flower
Snow in August
Spring Waltz
Stranger than Paradise
Strike Love
Strongest Chil Woo
Summer Days
Surgeon Bong Dalhee
Sword and Flower
Temptation of an Angel
Thank You
The Devil
The Duo
The Equator Man
The Great King’s Dream
The Greatest Love
The Moon that Embraces the Sun
The Person I love
The President
The Princess’ Man
The Secret Lovers
The Slingshot
The Sweet Spy
The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry
Thorn Birds
Time of Dog and Wolf
Tokyo Showers
Twinkle Twinkle
War of Money
What Star Did You Come From?
What’s Up, Fox?
When Spring Comes
Who Are You?
Wild Romance
Will it Snow for Christmas?
Winter Bird
Wish Upon a Star
Women in the Sun
Worlds Within
You’re Beautiful


Clothing the World
Drama Go Go Go
Gong – Jade Palace Lock Heart
Office Girls
Skip Beat
The Bund


Gaiji Keisatsu
Hagetaka, Road to Rebirth
Pandora 2, Starvation Island
Shinya Shokudo
Testu no Hone